Console Developer

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W4 Games is currently hiring a developer to support W4 Games’ roll out of its W4 Consoles product, which will allow Godot game developers to port their games to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation.

The W4 Consoles team

We are a distributed, remote team, spanning the Central European to Pacific timezones. We’re working on the W4 Consoles product, which is currently in the Beta Program stage, and we’re looking to grow the team so that we can get Godot console support in the hands of game developers everywhere in the best way possible.

Your key role will be to implement, polish, and maintain W4 Games’ ports for current generation Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation consoles. You will be working as part of a highly experienced team ensuring that Godot runs as well on consoles as it does on desktop platforms. We are primarily looking for experienced C++ developers. Cross-platform development experience and/or experience with console APIs is a plus, but not a hard requirement - we have the expertise to help an experienced C++ level up. 


  • Maintain Godot ports to multiple console APIs.
  • Ensure that Godot operates as well with consoles as it does with other platforms.
  • Be proactive in your tasks and have the ability to work with relative independence.
  • Open Source your general improvements to Godot (with previous approval from W4 Games) by proposing them for inclusion as pull requests.


  • Understanding of the different operating-system level APIs of multiple platforms.
  • Proficiency in C++
  • Ability to work in a team environment and maintain a respectful and professional attitude at all times.
  • Professional proficiency in English.


  • Understanding of Godot, its source code and conventions
  • Understanding of console APIs and hardware, such as Playstation, Xbox or Switch, or experience with previous consoles.
  • Experience with the console game release process, including the certification requirements and process.
  • Ability to create high quality technical documentation.

Bonus Point

  • Understanding of low-level graphics and rendering APIs


W4 Games is a company founded by the leadership of the Godot Engine project. It aims to help the gaming industry reclaim control of the technology it uses to create games. Its mission is to enable companies to have the same freedom to innovate as if they created their own in-house engine, but without needing an in-house technology team behind.

W4 Games offers a set of products and services for companies to make the best possible use of Godot Engine, so they can develop games and bring them to market with peace of mind.

Equal Opportunity

W4 Games is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing an open, collaborative and friendly work environment and does not discriminate based on, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, language proficiency, age, political orientation, nationality, religion or other similar characteristics.

Hiring and Location

All members of the W4 Games team work remotely. The form of your work arrangement with W4 Games will depend on your country of residence and the country’s legal requirements.