An insider look into the W4Games Demo team

September 19, 2023 by
W4 Games

We’re always working to make our technology the best it can be for third-party developers and the Godot community. That’s why we dogfood it as we create it. We use it ourselves to see how it works and identify any potential problems. This allows us to polish our software and make sure it’s user-friendly before we release it to the public.

With that purpose in mind, W4Games created a Demo team to create small prototype games to use and test our software. The team has the necessary roles covered, with a gameplay engineer, an artist, and a game designer. This has been an amazing experience for everyone involved since we can better understand and adjust our software guided by a concrete test case. Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to make some short games using our latest technologies.

These prototype-sized games are not only developed for this purpose alone. We also intend to share them with the community at large as free, open-source games that will showcase how we implement our services in real products. You can play them, remix them, and use them however you like!

This is why we took the first prototype that we have been developing with multiplayer services in mind, Planet Crashers, to Gamescom last month. 

The second game is called Hamsterpocalypse and will be released at a later time.

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