Celebrating Community at the Godot Pavilion

February 20, 2024 by
W4 Games

The Heart of the Engine

At GDC 2024, the “Godot Pavilion” (booth S763, North & South Halls) isn’t just showcasing the latest tools and games – it’s a celebration of the community that makes the Godot Engine thrive. Get ready to meet the people who power the engine, discover hidden gems from the indie scene, and connect with fellow enthusiasts in a dedicated hangout space.

The Godot Foundation takes center stage this year. Chat with the dedicated management team and top contributors who guide the engine’s evolution. Ask your burning questions, learn about upcoming initiatives, and get a glimpse into the heart of the open-source movement transforming game development.

But the spotlight doesn’t stop there. Prepare to be blown away by the vibrant indie scene within the Godot ecosystem! Over a dozen captivating indie games, all crafted with the power of Godot, will be waiting for you. Discover hidden treasures, connect with the talented developers who brought them to life, and let their creativity inspire your own journey.

On Thursday, we shine a light on the future stars of game development. Witness the inspiring work of students from Balboa High School, showcasing their talent and passion for Godot. These young minds are ready to leave their mark on the community, and their projects are sure to ignite your imagination.

The Godot Pavilion isn’t just about demos and presentations; it’s about building connections. Relax and network in our dedicated hangout lounge, the perfect space to meet fellow Godot enthusiasts, share experiences, and spark new collaborations. Whether you’re a seasoned dev seeking inspiration, a newcomer eager to learn, or simply passionate about open-source game development, this is your chance to join the vibrant community, celebrate the engine’s power, and unleash your own creative potential.

See you at booth S763!

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