Godot Takes the Stage at GamesBeat Summit: Rethinking the Engine for Modern Studios

May 21, 2024 by
W4 Games

The GamesBeat Summit is a hub for groundbreaking ideas, and this year, Godot was a hot topic. We at W4 Games were honored to be invited to present on why Godot is a compelling choice for game development.

During his 30-minute talk, Pablo Selener, MD of W4 Games, explored the key trends driving studios to re-evaluate their engine options and discover the potential of Godot. Here are some highlights:

  • Freedom & Efficiency: Break free from vendor lock-in and streamline development costs. Godot's open-source nature and permissive MIT license offer the control and flexibility you crave.
  • Feature-Packed Powerhouse: Godot boasts a robust feature set, including a user-friendly editor, robust native 2D and 3D capabilities, a thriving community, and support for multiple scripting languages.
  • Growing Popularity & Industry Recognition: From indie creators to major studios, Godot is experiencing a surge in popularity. Learn how its flexibility and open-source model are empowering developers to achieve long-term success.

Dive Deeper! The full deck from Pablo's talk is now available for download right here

Explore the details at your own pace and see how Godot can revolutionize your development process.

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