W4 Cloud is Here! The new multiplayer infrastructure for Godot games.

March 5, 2024 by
W4 Games

After two years of development, W4 Games is proud to announce the first beta release of  W4 Cloud, our open-source backend for online and multiplayer games optimized for the Godot  Engine.

W4 Cloud has been built around the same concepts as the Godot  Engine: simplicity and flexibility.


The backend is designed to not get in the way, and instead let you focus on developing your game, adding the network functionalities you need, when you need them.

The W4GD SDK lets you set up your project in a few clicks, with an editor plugin that lets you interact with the backend, including exporting and uploading your game servers.


We don’t dictate which network technology to use for your multiplayer game. W4 Cloud provides out-of-the-box support for the Godot Multiplayer API but can be integrated with most third-party solutions.

You have full access to the backend, you can add custom data, add server-side functions, and expose them to your game, all protected with fine-grained access control.

Scalable and Open Source

The backend is based on scalable open-source technologies, like Supabase and Agones, with an optimized workflow for game development, which you can customize to meet all your unique game requirements.

The default features include:

  • Player authentication and authorization
  • Public and private user lobby system
  • Automatic matchmaking with configurable profiles
  • Auto-scaling dedicated game servers
  • Customizable database for game data (user profiles, achievements, etc); and
  • Storage support for DLCs and large files (cloud saves, DLCs, etc).

As part of our commitment to open-source, we have made the initial public release available under the GNU AGPLv3 license. More information is available here.

Join the free & open-source W4 Cloud Beta

Get early access, influence development, and make your own game faster with all the benefits of W4 Cloud. Apply now: https://cloud.w4.gd/signup

The new multiplayer infrastructure for Godot games.Start writing here...

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