W4 Games and Meta Team Up to Expand Open-Source Godot Ecosystem on Meta Quest

March 14, 2024 by
W4 Games

Thanks to Meta and W4’s partnership supporting the Godot engine, developers will be able to

build and ship VR And MR apps for the Meta Quest platform with all the power of Godot by July


DUBLIN and SAN FRANCISCO – March 14, 2024 – W4 Games, on a mission to help the video

game industry reclaim control by strengthening the open-source Godot ecosystem, today

announced that it is collaborating with Meta to significantly improve the game developer

experience with Godot on the Meta Quest Platform. By empowering developers who choose

the Godot engine to create and publish extended reality (XR) games, the companies will expand

the Godot games portfolio on Meta Quest and the open-source game development ecosystem.

“We’re really excited to announce this new partnership with Meta since we believe it will

provide great new opportunities for Godot game developers and allow them to reach out to

new audiences through the Meta Quest Platform. The future of the gaming experience will be

highly impacted by new XR technologies and we are confident that this strategic collaboration

will augment Godot’s growth path,” said Nicola Farronato, Co-CEO of W4 Games.

Meta Quest is one of the most compelling platforms to provide virtual and mixed-reality

experiences and entertainment, and it is fueled by games, applications, and interactive content.

The Godot Engine is a free and open-source technology for 2D and 3D game creation that

became popular among indies for its ease of use, very fast learning curve, and permissive

license (MIT). In 2023, more than a thousand commercial Godot games were published and a

growing number of promising titles signal the accelerating adoption by the game development

community. With a strong, year-over-year growth rate, Godot has climbed the rankings of the

game industry to challenge well-established proprietary solutions and expand to fast-growing

gaming segments like virtual and mixed reality.

Meta and W4’s strategic collaboration enables new and exciting opportunities for the

fast-growing Godot users community, the open-source gaming community, and Quest users

alike. In particular, the partnership will cover:

  • Improving functionality, performance and usability of OpenXR features within Godot for the benefit of all VR developers
  • Providing an integration of the Meta Quest SDKs via plugin and exposing more Meta Quest features to end-users
  • Developing an optimized release template specifically for Quest users that leverages Meta Quest technology
  • Creating high-quality samples and documentation to help Godot users develop for Meta Quest

The strategic partnership also contemplates the development of educational materials and joint

marketing activities in the coming years. Meta and W4 Games are dedicated to contributing as

much of this work as possible to the Godot project as part of our shared commitment to the

open-source community.

Learn more about Godot — and celebrate at GDC

Developers can learn more about building games with the Godot Engine at GDC 2024. Visit the

Godot Pavilion, booth S763, North & South Halls — and celebrate the passionate community at

the heart of the open-source movement transforming game development.

About W4 Games

Founded in 2021, W4 Games is an Irish startup formed by Godot veterans Juan Linietsky, Rémi

Verschelde and Fabio Alessandrelli, and veteran entrepreneur Nicola Farronato. The company

plans to revolutionize the game industry by bringing the Commercial Open Source Software

(COSS) business model to an ecosystem that has traditionally relied on proprietary solutions

from an ever-shrinking number of independent vendors. By providing a commercial services

offering anchored in the entirely open and community-developed Godot platform, W4 Games

believes that companies will be able to reclaim control of the technology powering their games,

with a level of freedom and flexibility they never had before.

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